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When using a firewall with SpamPal, you will normally need to change a few firewall settings, in order to make things run smoothly.
Using SpamPal with Firewall software
Firewall Ports
If you are using a firewall, it's often useful to know which ports SpamPal uses by default:
110 is the default for POP3,
143 for is the default for IMAP4.
25 is the default for SMTP

Port 80 will be used for checking for updates (although it will use a HTTP proxy if there's one specified in IE and could use ports 80/8080/3128)

SpamPal uses Windows calls to make DNS queries, which probably means either UDP packets sent on port 53 or TCP connections on port 53.

In you need to daisy chain SpamPal with other programs, you can often use ports 1101, 1102, 1103 without any problems.

A good list of port usage can be found here or a brief summary, can be found in the Glossary here


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