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For more help, try out the FAQ or If you are in any difficulty, need help, have any suggestions or have found a bug then the online discussion forums are an excellent place to start.

Before posting in the discussion forums though, please provide as much information about your problem as possible, in order to help the SpamPal Support Staff help you.

For example:

1. What SpamPal Version and Operating System you use
2. What firewall or anti-virus software you use.
3. What email program do you use, what your settings were before/after using SpamPal, for example:

Incoming Mail (POP3): [sometimes called pop3 server name]
Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
Account Name: [sometimes called username]

Note: helpful information
Please post your genuine before and after settings that you are using for your userid and POP3 servername.

For example, saying that you are using:


is not useful, as all you are doing us is telling us what settings you are really using.

Most people say they have done exactly what it says in the manual, but when they copy and paste the information into the support forum, a typing error leaps out at us, or we can see they have typed something in the wrong order.

Also, knowing the actual server name means we can telnet to it and see if it responds with a pop3 server prompt on port 110. If you don't want to disclose your full email address, change the user part, not the server name part.

When I say I have "telnetted" to the mail server, all I've done is used the mail server name to see if it responds with a POP3 prompt, and then put in a dummy name and password to just get an error message. But without knowing the exact mail server name you are using, it is difficult to know if you have got the parameters right or not.

Although we need to see genuine settings; never ever post your password; no-one needs to know that.

4. Post full email headers from your email message, see this page on how to do this.

The new Online Troubleshooter will also be able to help

SpamPal is available at the following mirror sites:

Main Site 1
Main Site 2 (Pennsylvania, U.S.A)
Mirror 1
Mirror 2 (New York, U.S.A)
Mirror 3
Mirror 4

You can also keep up with all the latest news by joining the SpamPal Announcements Mailing List.

There are also discussion mailing lists for SpamPal users who speak the following languages:

English, French, French (another one) and German


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