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Checking for Updates
SpamPal will periodically check to see if a more recent version of the program itself has been released.

You can also check for updates, by
right clicking on the umbrella icon, selecting Help and then clicking on Check for Updates

Although SpamPal won't update itself, it will tell you about any new releases, so you can download the new version, if you want to. It will also tell you about any new plugins that have been released, and any updates to plugins, that you have installed:

SpamPal will also automatically update the list of DNSBL services (Public Blacklists) every so often.
So, should one of the DNSBL services you are using, become permanently unavailable, it will tell you about it and you can select an alternative from the Options dialog.

If there is a new version of SpamPal or a plugin available then follow the update procedure, to ensure the process of upgrading, is as quick and smooth as possible.
Sometime, if the main SpamPal server is down (or overloaded) you may see the following screen when SpamPal tries to update it's DNSBL list. Usually, just try again later and the server should be back to normal operation:

Update Procedure
After downloading the new program version or plugin, make sure the first thing you do is to close down SpamPal from the systray.

You do this by right clicking on SpamPal's umbrella icon and selecting the Exit option
Now install the updated plugin, or in the case of this example, the new version of SpamPal.

You will be asked what Setup Type you want:

In 99% of cases you would select a Standard Install, however, if you are currently using SpamPal's command line features (such as -icon or -configdir) then you should choose a Custom Install and then deselect the Run SpamPal at Startup

When installation has finished, you'll see this box, where you normally click OK to start SpamPal, following the update.

However, if you are using SpamPal's command line features (such as -icon or -configdir) then you should deselect the Start SpamPal option and start SpamPal manually, from the icon in the Startup menu
Note: Firewall
When you update to a new version of SpamPal, you're firewall software, will possibly inform you that spampal.exe is trying to access the internet, this is fine, as it's a new version, so just confirm that you want the firewall to give you access
You can also check what what version of SpamPal you are currently using by right clicking on the umbrella icon, selecting Help and then clicking on About SpamPal



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